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Audiobooks and Ebooks

Don't have time to read?  Multitask by listening to books on your daily commute, your daily run or while you do the dishes.  These are great for road and plane trips.

The Library has audiobooks available in various formats:  CD, Playaway, Mp3, and downloadable eAudiobooks.   Check out eBooks online!

New audiobooks at Woodward:

Check out our new audiobooks in the catalog.  Updated monthly.

Award Winning Audiobooks:

Mp3 Audiobook

Woodward Memorial Library has started a collection of Mp3-CDs.  These audiobooks have the entire contents of a book on one compact disc.  An Mp3-CD looks, sounds and feels like a regular CD.  However, the content file(s) is more compressed.  A regular CD holds a maximum of 74 minutes of audio, compared to the Mp3-CD’s storage capability of up-to 16 hours.  New CD players which are marked as Mp3-CD compatible will play these audiobooks as will most new DVD players, computer CD drives, new in-dash car audio system.



Playaways are palm-sized units loaded with an audiobook.  A Playaway is the self-contained audio equivalent of a book.  Half the size of a deck of cards, Playaway gives listeners the option of placing digital bookmarks and controlling the speed of a narrator’s voice, all while easily moving both forward and back through audiobook selections that can range from six to twenty-four hours. Additionally, Playaway has a universal headphone jack that works with almost any type of headphone or mobility accessory.

Browse our selection of playaway titles.

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